Small Business Debt Collection

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  • Act on Debts upto 6 years old.
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Circle Squared are experts in recovering unpaid invoices on debts upto 6 years old, offering a specialist small business debt collection service that helps you continue with your day to day tasks without the worry of unpaid debt.

Running a small business is difficult enough, without the added pressure building up from customer invoices, using our nationwide professionally regulated service can help to alleviate the stress and allow you to carry on running your business. We offer an expert service with a 90% success rate.

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Letter Before Action

A letter before action, also known as a letter of demand, is a very successful method of recovering unpaid invoices, particularly for small businesses. Instructing an experienced debt collection agency like ourselves to construct, deliver and follow up a letter before action will help to increase the pressure on the debtor and in most cases is enough to prompt the debtor into paying.

A carefully constructed letter is important, not only does it increase the effectiveness as a debt collection process, but certain criteria must be met to be able to take the debtor to court if required. Once a letter has been constructed, and proof of delivery has been received, we will follow up with a series of professional phone calls to ensure that the debtor is under no illusion that you wish to recover what you are owed. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our small business debt collection services, to proceed and begin the debt collection process, click the button below.

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