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Circle Squared are an expert collection agency that specialise in commercial debt recovery, helping small to medium businesses throughout the UK.

You’ve done your job and you want paying for it. A deal is a deal and when your customer doesn’t pay for whatever reason, it causes confusion, additional effort and additional risk to your business

There are sometimes very simple reasons for non-payment. In many cases though, the payment is delayed as your customer is using your credit line to fund their activity and in the process putting stress on your cash flow. If allowed to continue, the problems often get deeper and the results can be dramatic for you and your business.

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Serious About Your Business

By instructing Circle Squared to collect your debt for you, you are telling your customer that you are serious about your business and serious about ensuring that they fulfill their side of the bargain. Our respectful yet firm approach can often have very beneficial effects on the customer-supplier relationship and allowing the customer to understand your requirements for future trade. We fully understand that customers are hard to come by and we will be mindful of this in all of our activities. We are, of course, strict and follow a timeline lead processes, which get the results that you want, payment for what you have done.

Talk to one of the UK’s leading debt collectors for small to medium businesses about how our commercial debt collection services can help you maintain a healthy cash flow. Complete one of our quick contact forms to begin a friendly conversation with one of our experienced team.

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